Guitar Repair

This is a list of the services we can perform on your favorite instrument.
We also do custom work so if your issue isn't listed here just ask.

  • Setup
  • Pickup Installation
  • Preamp Installation
  • Custom Electric Wiring
  • Restring
  • New Saddle
  • New Nut
  • Headstock Repair
  • Straplock Installation
  • Intonation Adjustment
  • Tuning Machine Installation
  • Neck Reset
  • Body Routing
  • Body Crack Repair
  • Acoustic Pickguard Repair
  • Bridge Installation 

We Also Offer FREE Tuning, Stop In And Chat Anytime.

Our Deluxe Restring Includes:

  • Truss Rod Adjustment - Your wood guitar neck will bend and move with temperature and humidity changes, we adjust the neck so it plays like new.
  • Check Electronics - We check for bad components, faulty switches, or worn jacks.
  • Complete Cleaning - We clean the guitar from top to bottom and vacuum the interior, making the guitar look like it just came from the factory.
  • Oil Fretboard - We hydrate your fretboard so it looks and performs its best.
  • Restring - Using your preference of string brand and gauge, all of the adjustments to your guitar are made relative to your string choice.
  • Quick Inspection - Most of all it has to play great, we will put your guitar to the test to make sure it performs

Our Setup Includes A Deluxe Restring PLUS:

  • Adjust Action - adjust the distance from the strings to the fretboard.
  • Adjust Intonation - A more advanced tuning ensuring each note on your fretboard is accurate.
  • Pickup Height Adjustment - The proper pickup height allows for the most balanced tone between all settings, with just the right amount of output.
  • Thorough Inspection - Most of all it has to play great, we will work closely with you to verify that your guitar is precisely how you like it

Pickup Installation (Electric Guitars)

Tired of your tone, but don’t have the money to buy a new guitar? You might be surprised how much difference a new set of pickups can make!

  • Pickup installation – $35 / per pickup

Pickup Installation (Acoustic Guitars)

Turn your acoustic into a gigging machine!

  • Fishman pickup w/ volume control – $185 (installed)
  • Fishman pickup w/ built in tuner – $395 (installed)
  • We have many pickup options, but these are our two most commonly used setups.

Warranty Service Center

Did you know that we are an Authorized Warranty Service Center for Fender? This means we can service most warranty-issue repairs right here in our store. Give us a call for more information on our Warranty Service Center.