NUX Loop Core Stereo

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The NUX Loop Core Stereo is our next generation Looper pedal. Featuring a high-definition color LCD display, stereo inputs/outputs, and a MIDI control input; the Loop Core Stereo allows you to create up to 6 hours of music phrases, save them in one of 99 provided memory slots, and play back as stereo loops! Also included are 50 different drum patterns to complete the looping experience. Whether you practice, compose, or play live gigs, you’ll be inspired from the very first loop!

All new design with a high-definition color LCD display.
Up to 6 hours recording time(Stereo).
99 User memories.
Built-in rhythm tracks with 50 patterns.
Split out for two amplifiers.
Cab simulation for output to mixer.
Built-in MIDI control.
Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz.
A/D Converter: 24bit.
Signal Processing: 32bit floating.
Input: Mono/L/R.
Outputs: Mono/L/R/Phones

Sampling Frequency: 44.1KHz
AD converter: 24bit
Signal Processing: 32bit
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Noise Level: -100dBu
Dynamic Range: 108dB
Power Consumption: 110mA-120mA
Input: Mono, Stereo
Output: Mono, Stereo, Phones
Display: TFT color LCD display
Power: 9V negative tip power adapter
Dimensions: 122mm(L)*72mm(W)*48mm(H)
Weight: 264g

Manufacturer: NUX

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