GETZEN Getzen 900S Professional Trumpet

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- Nickel Plated Valves - 1st Slide Saddle - Adjustable 3rd Slide Ring - 2 pc. Yellow Brass Bell - Lifetime Valve Warranty - Made In Elkhorn, WI Originally introduced in the early 1960s, the Eterna 900 rapidly became the most popular of Getzen's professional trumpets. During 40 years of production, subtle design changes altered the intruments personality. Numerous requests from fans of the early 900 convinced the Getzen Company to return to the original specifications and reintroduce the trumpet as the 900 Eterna Classic. This classic design is exceptionally free blowing with excellent intonation. The Eterna Classic will serve working musicians and serious amateur players in a variety of music venues.

Model: 900S
Manufacturer: GETZEN

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