NUX AC25 Acoustic Amp

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NUX AC-25 is a compact acoustic amplifier with built-in rechargeable battery that can run 4 hrs for busking. It equips a 6.5" speaker, Modeling Preamps, Reverb, Bluetooth Audio Stream, Drum Machine. You can tweak it through Stageman APP on the mobile phone. The dual channel configuration means you can plug a dynamic mic and your acoustic guitar. You can play playbacks via Bluetooth Audio Stream, or auxiliary input. Let's busk on the streets! AC-25 offers you Stageman and LBox amp models, the Stageman is based on NUX's iconic acoustic amp which has rich bass response and warm sound, and the LBox is based on the famous US acoustic amp brand which offers transparent acoustic tone. For buskers, AC-25 is quite user friendly, the simple control panel configuration with intuitive APP user interface let you get the great sound easily.


25W warm sound with Amp Modeling technology.(Stageman / LBox)
Plate & Hall reverb
Dual channel for instrument and mic
Battery power for 4 hrs performing
Bluetooth for APP & Audio Stream
Input impedance: CH1= 1M ohm, CH2= 2K ohm
Dimension: 280(L) x 218(D) x 220(H) mm
Weight: 5 kg
What's in the Box: Power Adaptor, User Manual

Model: AC25
Manufacturer: NUX

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