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AMAHI Ebony Concert Ukulele

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Price: $185.59

Amahi, an excellent company based in the United States, has a ton of experience in making great quality instruments! Great for beginners and experts alike, the Ebony Wood instrument from the Amahi Classic series has a great tone quality without sacrificing aplification. Available in Concert and Baritone, this uke can fit all typs of musicians!

Favorite Features:

  • Excellent Tone and Amplification
  • Includes 10mm Padded Gig Bag
  • Available in two sizes:  Concert and Baritone

Tone and Amplification

The Ebony wood used to make this Amahi Classic provides a full, rich tone that is easily distinguishable to musicians' ears.  Impressivley, not only is the tone of this instrument great, its dynamic range is huge compared to most ukes.  Because of the great tone and the wide dynamic range, the Amahi Classic Ebony Uke is especially recommended for musicians who perform regularly without electronic amplification, but would be an excellent instrument for anyone.

Don't sacrifice tone for volume, get your Classic Ebony Uke today!

Full Features

  • Includes 10mm Padded Gig Bag
  • Great tone and volume
  • Silver, Die-Cast, Sealed Tuners
  • Shop Adjustment

Model: UK990C
Manufacturer: AMAHI