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There is no better experience than learning how to play an instrument. Our professional and dedicated teachers have what it takes to get your child started, or take your playing to the next level. To sign up for lessons, 

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Irisa Wallner Professional Violinist and Master Violin Teacher

  I have been teaching for thirty four years with many different
styles including,Classical,, Bluegrass,Celtic, Country, and Rock-n- Roll!  
My students have been the age range of three to  seventy two, beginners to advanced, and specializing  in mild to moderate autistic students with seven years experience.

I am accepting new students and looking forward to promoting    the education of string instruments.

Tim Driscoll 

Instructor Tim Driscoll has been giving private lessons for 20 years. He has a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance and has been in many Mid-West rock, pop, and country bands, playing weekends in Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin since 1992. He has run Thrashin' Vamp Recording Studio since 2003. He gives lessons on guitar (electric and acoustic beginner to advanced), bass, drums, voice, ukulele and mandolin.

Kimberly Courts

Kimberly Courts has been playing the piano for 18 years. After playing the piano for several years, Kimberly started to develop a love for a new instrument--the human voice. In 2006, Kim graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Voice Pedagogy from Northland International University. She has been teaching voice and piano lessons ever since. She has had the opportunity to sing with a traveling musical ensemble and perform as Geraldine in Samuel Barber’s Hand of Bridge as part of the Bel Canto Voice Institute at Portland State University. Kim enjoys sharing her passion for piano and voice with people of all ages and interests.