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Great Tone and Comfortable Playability

The Seagull Maritime SWS dreadnought acoustic guitar takes smaller-body guitar design to new heights. The combination of solid spruce and mahogany delivers a well-rounded, warm tone that's great for any situation. Seagull's SWS dreadnought has earned a reputation as a great recording instrument for its even midrange and balanced high and low end. Pressure-tested, compound curved tops give you the increased stability, resonance, and projection to stand out from the crowd. The innovative design and construction of the Seagull Maritime SWS dreadnought offer a smooth-playing, handcrafted instrument at a price working musicians can afford.

Innovative neck construction and mounting deliver killer playability and tone

The attention to detail given to each Seagull shows in its looks, playability, and tone. Seagull has also taken extra care to ensure that the Maritime SWS dreadnought neck helps to create an amazing guitar experience. An acoustic guitar's neck is more than just a fretboard used for playing; it also creates the guitar's tone. Seagull's integrated set neck gives your guitar the sound you want along with the stability you need in a performing guitar. This system provides stable and consistent action that also reduces warping and twisting. Thanks to this integrated system, the SWS's neck pitch is perfectly set. If it's too far forward, the instrument will sound muddy, and if it's too far back, the guitar will sound tinny. Seagull's design assures optimized sound and playability with these and other innovations found in the entire Seagull line.

Super-comfortable dreadnought body style

Arguably Seagull's most comfortable body style, the Seagull Maritime SWS dreadnought shape is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a more-manageable instrument. It would perform equally as well for both adults and children and offers easy portability.

Model: 032686
Manufacturer: SEAGULL