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UNKNOWN Used JetTone 1D Trumpet Mouthpiece

In Stock:Yes
Price: $45.00

JET TONE mouthpieces are designed to create the perfect blend of features which offer superior tone, playing ease and outstanding performance characteristics. Each mouthpiece dimension is crafted to precise criteria. Various cup depths and diameters are balanced with specific rims and throat sizes to accommodate different personalities of sound. JET TONE'S unique shape also contributes to the dynamic tone quality that is its trade mark. JET TONE mouthpieces give you more projection of sound for the playing edge.

  • Cup depth: Deep
  • Inside Cup Diameter: 17.47mm
  • Outside Cup Diameter: 27.94mm
  • Throat size: 27
  • Description: Orchestral mouthpiece with more resistance requiring a strong embouchure. Recommended for C Trumpets.


Model: ZZ6049
Manufacturer: UNKNOWN